Beginning from the very first idea of a project to finalizing the work, the services of Cornelsen & Partner extend to managing the diverse requirements to undertake extensive refits and reconstruction.

The office also specializes in equipping yachts for the intended purpose. From extreme cruising in arctic or equatorial regions, Cornelsen & Partner understand the latest technical standards to ensure that all aspects of the design and alteration are of the highest standards. Be it converting working ships to private yachts or updating private yachts to new standards, Cornelsen & Partner offer comprehensive services to reach full realisation.

As with newbuilds the refit of a yacht is a complex assignment. The challenge is to consider existing structures and installations when designing the conversion.

Cornelsen & Partner will take care of the overall concept, assemble the right team and select the appropriate shipyard. The office will provide on-site inspections at all levels of fit-out during the refit work. Progress reports are communicated to the client with detailed analysis and in-depth information to facilitate good decision making when required. The goal is to avoid frustration, unforeseen difficulties and untimely delays. On time – on budget are the magic words Cornelsen & Partner like to deliver to their clients.


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